Pets in a Community: A Guide for New York HOAs

Pets in a Community: A Guide for New York HOAs

With over 1 million pets in the area, New York's pets are often the beloved stars of any street. In a tight-knit homeowners' association (HOA), however, pets aren't always as welcome.

Some members feel that pets cause a disturbance or can ruin the overall aesthetic of the HOA. On the other hand, the connection between pets and families is undeniable. Plus, pets can bring out smiles in an instant.

So how do you satisfy both kinds of members? Is it possible to successfully have pets in a community without causing harm to the area?

We're here to show you how. Keep reading to get further insight on how to make your neighborhood pet-friendly and maintain HOA cohesion!

Create Fair Pet Policies

Before you join the ranks of pet-friendly communities, you must come up with a set of pet-specific policies. These policies will protect the common areas and ensure that owners are held responsible in case of a problem.

Common pet policies include things such as:

  • Non-negotiable leash requirements
  • Require proof of licensing and registration
  • Proof of up-to-date vaccines
  • Waste removal protocols
  • Restricted number of pets per household

Make it clear the type of fines that a family can receive if the policies aren't followed. Make them aware that HOA evictions are also a possible penalty.

Specify Pet-Type Restrictions

Pets are great at enhancing neighborhood life, but some types of animals can cause more trouble than anything else. You'll need to decide which types of pets are allowed in your community. Aggressive breeds of dogs, for example, could be the difference between harmony and chaos between members.

Establish Pet-Free and Pet-Friendly Areas

While there are many benefits of pets for an area, not all common places can accommodate animals.

If your HOA has a common pool area, for instance, it's best to exclude animals from going into the water. It'll only make clean-up more of a chore. Plus, loose fur could stick to all kinds of places and clog filters or other sensitive equipment.

You'll need to find a balance between the places pets are and aren't allowed.

Upgrading the Area

It's up to the HOA to install various upgrades into the common areas to make it a true pet-friendly paradise.

Fenced-in fields for animals to run freely can be a fun place for everyone to enjoy. Extra trash receptacles are necessary to keep the HOA area as clean as possible.

By upgrading the community with pet-friendly improvements, you'll make both sides of the pet-loving aisle happy.

Manage Pets in a Community With PMI Manhattan Group

Even with all the right rules and accommodations in place, it can be tricky to manage pets in a community. Enforcing the pet regulations could create a rift between HOA members, leading to worsening conditions. To bypass this kind of situation, it's best to enlist the help of a trusted New York association management company.

PMI Manhattan Group is here to help. We can offer your HOA community assistance with a variety of different services, including rule enforcement. Check out our extensive list of services and we'll help make your transition to a pet-friendly area seamless!