Association Managers: Empowering Communities with Expert Guidance

Association Managers: Empowering Communities with Expert Guidance

If you're one of the 74 million Americans who live in HOAs, you may be wondering why yours doesn't operate as effectively as others.

New York City is home to many different types of real estate, so whether you're a real estate investor or buying your first single-family home, buying into an HOA should be a smart move. When your community isn't thriving, however, the perks you expect just aren't there.

The simple answer to why your HOA isn't thriving is that the best HOAs have association managers. In today's post, we'll tell you how association management helps communities thrive with expert guidance. Keep reading and you'll learn the true value of professional association managers.

Working with Your HOA Board

Every HOA is managed by an HOA board of directors who run all aspects of the community. The only issue with this is that these are homeowners volunteering their time to the HOA. A lot of the responsibilities of the HOA board require a time commitment and expertise that board members may not have.

The biggest benefit of hiring someone who has made a real estate career out of association management is their knowledge and experience. Whether they're dealing with HOA accounting problems or scheduling maintenance, HOA managers know what to do.

In this sense, the HOA manager is there to work with and guide the board of directors. The result is a community that has both homeowners' interests in mind with the knowledge to get things done.

Connections to Local Vendors

One of the perks of living in an HOA is access to well-maintained amenities and common spaces. Things like snow clearing, landscaping, and garbage removal are easy to take for granted, but someone has to arrange for them to happen.

There's nothing worse for an HOA member than living in a community where your HOA dues don't give you these basic benefits. An HOA manager brings connections to local vendors to the table. They can make a few quick phone calls and have all of the community's maintenance scheduled.

Expert Communication

Community members and leaders need to meet regularly to address important issues. These issues may have to do with rules and regulations or they could be regarding improvements to certain amenities. Whatever it is, you need leaders who can guide meetings toward effective resolutions.

An HOA manager can create agendas for annual community meetings, as well as HOA board meetings. After the main issues are addressed, they'll have the experience and know-how to make the community's wishes come to fruition.

Get the Best Association Managers in NYC

Do you feel that your New York City HOA needs more effective management?

At PMI Manhattan Group, we're a part of the nation's largest and most respected group of association managers. We offer a wide range of HOA services, from accounting to maintenance and everything in between.

To learn more about how we can take a broken HOA community and turn it into a thriving one, don't hesitate to contact us today.